Yes, my laziness has soared higher by heights I didn’t imagine.

I am lazier now than I ever was. Instead of folding my hands in gratitude when I awake, my hands run through my bed to seek my cell phone so I can check the updates on my social media, which kept piling up while I was deep in slumber. Once, I’ve gone through all the ‘important’ messages, mails and posts, I head to my laptop, to check some more. I don’t rush to kiss my soulmate a lovely morning and snuggle up. By this time, I’ve eaten up an hour and now, I’m awfully late. So, I take a quick shower, grab a cup of black coffee (takes lesser time than preparing tea) and a few biscuits. Oh, it’s too late to head for that morning walk, never mind the gym! I pour some cereals and milk and possibly bite into a fruit. That’s breakfast. No time for an elaborate Eggs Divinity or Poha! In between briefing the maids on their chores of the day and now, a quick-good-morning kiss to him and feeding the dog (with packaged food), I’m off.

I’m, oh so running late. I prefer waiting for the elevator as I have no time to rush down the stairs. While I wait, I scroll through my phone and get busy texting. Making a call is a pain and requires the effort of ‘making a conversation’. Hell, no, not this early in the morning! I’m multitasking, typing frantic messages, posts and ‘connecting’ with the world.

I go through my timelines and read posts of corrupt officials, politicians, cops who drag dalit women tearing at their clothes and vestiges of respect and dignity and I post a message of disgust at this. Some more news of banning meat, banning women in jeans and I add my bit to the noise of opinion.

I head to my meeting. The meeting gets over and I sip my third cup of black coffee and a few bites of breakfast – greasy with fat and over saturated in salt and sugar. I call Uber and head back home.

I’m so tired now with all the talking and dealing with people and issues of work. I head home, there’s no energy for the evening walk or gym. I grab a drink and some chips or olives or cheese or meat-y bites. I watch TV and wax eloquence of how the world, the nation and the city is going to the dogs.

I’ve stopped DOING things that really make a difference.


With this fast food, text-don’t-talk, ride-don’t-walk, bitch-don’t-act, whine-don’t-do-anything world!!

My mind, body and soul is revolting that it’s time to take control.

Control of my life, my body and my mind! This was a colleagues refrain when I bumped into her at the store and got talking about how things have changed!!

Does this sound familiar to you?

I see this happening all around me, in my life, the neighbour’s, my family, my friends, random people I meet and my clients.

Shrug off the inertia and LIVE.  You have a beautiful life. An amazing family. An awesome body. A sharp mind. Don’t let it rust and blunt and fade away.

Seize the choice – to be active and alive. Be mindful and pick up the thread that connects you in your relationship with your own body, your loved ones and the world around you.

Be the change. Live the change. Talk to people and smell the roses along the way. Life is real not virtual.

Wish you a spectacular weekend!

Love and light!

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