If you do not create change, change will create you

The #Brexit issue is only reinforcing the many changes the world, various countries, environment and you, yourself are undergoing.

I have family, friends and clients waxing eloquence on how lives are going to change for the entire world dealing with UK. Yes, on those who are employed it would affect the jobs, annual leaves, 48-hour caps policy, incomes, housing, investments and list can go on.

In my blogpost dated Dec 30, 2015, I had quoted, “2016 is all about transformation, transitions and realistic manifestations.” https://www.farzanasuri.com/blog/

Change will be a part of your life whether you try nudging it away, rudely or welcome the embrace. Look back from the time in January and watch the many areas in which you are facing the looming halo/shadow of change. Fighting it will only make it harder. Yes, you desire your comfort zone. You detest the breaking of an old pattern or way of life. If you focus entirely on the pain it will inflict, it will be harder. But, hey wasn’t it change that pushed you ahead towards a new life, a new way of thinking, a new relationship, a new emotion, a new vocation and a new path leading towards growth and abundance?

Go on, focus on the time an unexpected change occurred and you fought it with all your might – resisting it like a toddler being taken to school on her first day. You kicked and ranted and perhaps, screamed and cried. Eventually, when you gave in and accepted the change, what happened? It was different, yes – uneasy, discomfiting, too and then, all of a sudden you found yourself getting accustomed to it and over a period of time, even enjoying it.

It’s that time in your life when you will find changes creeping in like the moneyplant reaching towards the sun for growth and sustenance. Pushing its way into your life. Open your arms and embrace it. A year from now, you’ll be so glad it happened.

Change is a creator.

It helps you grow. To make new discoveries, learn new things and develop new insights. It helps you improve your way of life.  Be flexible to receive what is necessary to come your way. You will discover strengths that you never imagined you had. Change moves you towards progress, adventure and enlightenment. It opens vistas of new experiences. It breaks old, decrepit patterns and shines its light towards new opportunities and new beginnings.

Change gives meaning to life, in the same way that the punctuation at the end of a sentence gives meaning to all the words that precede it.

Every decision you take is crucial to the choice you make and the life you lead in light of change.

Without change, nothing grows.

Be blessed and keep growing!


Love and healing,

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