To The Winner In You


Winning, from the times we remember goes back to the need for survival. One had to win the hunted for one’s next meal. It has moved since to a series of situations in our life. The applause, the validation and recognition is what drives us to perform better. To win.
It could be a game of PSP or a cricket game, a commercial project, a trophy man/woman, the promotion/raise, the business deal, the weight-loss progrmme, the acceptance from the love of our life, well, I could simply go on.

The world loves a winner.

Winning has many followers and friends – ready to partake in the efforts of the triumphant. The 30sec of fame, the TV channels provide has only sparked this movement.

But, failure is in its true sense, the path to victory. And, when failure hits you, you find yourself standing alone. The very people who were pushing the crowd through, to stand beside you on the winning podium, walk away without so much as a glance.

Yes, I know, what loss is. I know what it is like to lose often and experience the F-word – Failure. We all have our stories of failure. Failure is filled with disappointments, continued setbacks, insults and abuses and a series of self-berating. Oh, it’s harsh and lonely. When you feel like every cell and muscle in your body can’t take it anymore, when your will is almost depleted like your emotional bank account; lifeless and over.

Hope breathes life into you with the angels that walk into your life resting their faith in you as a winner.

Despite, everything demanding you to bend and break or run away from the table, you choose to stand tall. And, face it, like a winner. Because YOU know that the only way left from the pits of despair – is the ladder heading up. And, you take it. Slowly, unstintingly, with a self-belief that no one knows or understands.

And, then you reach the pinnacle of victory.

So, if you’ve failed, don’t wallow in it and play victim. Step up your game and prove to yourself and the Universe that YOU ARE A WINNER.

As Les Brown says, ‘The Universe responds to every man/woman who refuse to be denied!’

Amen! Do share with those who need encouragement.

Love and healing to all those winners reading this.

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