About Me

Hi! I’m Farzana!

A Victory Coach, numerologist, entrepreneur, philanthropist, motivational speaker, trainer and a die-hard optimist with an unstoppable mission to inspire and empower you to live a life that you love and become the person you most want to be.

Hailing from Lucknow, UP, India, raised in Mumbai, Maharashtra, I have been a Mumbaikar as long as I can remember.

I believe that we all have come into this world with a divinely inspired purpose and with unique talents that allow us to live life in our own distinct way. When we anchor and live in alignment with our true purpose, we are destined to experience joy, and fulfilment and create the abundance we seek, in our world.

Through my coaching and training, I inspire you to raise your standard of success and look beyond your bruises towards victory; in your personal or professional life.

“How did you get into this?” is a question I am often asked.

I was training to be a Chartered Accountant years before I moved to Advertising, where I spent a major part of my life – 17 long years, creating and leading powerful brands like Parle’s Frooti, ‘appy, Idea Cellular, HDFC Bank, Raymond’s and Bridgestone to name a few. My desire and passion to be a conduit, a peacemaker, a problem-solver, led me to coaching and training.

I stepped into an opportunity of business, being a natural solution finder and mentor. I started, radically putting myself at the centre of a personal transformation journey across seven years that has since touched over 6,000 lives. Yes, their lives changed and so has mine. For as long as I can remember, I have been a people and happiness warrior. My kind of joy was and is about caring for everyone around me.  The human potential always intrigued me.

My personal journey has been tumultuous. With a failed marriage and personal losses. At the peak of my advertising career having to give it all up. Well, I kept walking, undeterred to keep a roof over my head and have built my life and business from ground zero.

Destiny nudged me to a life of coaching. My education as a coach, numerologist, graphologist and NLP therapist has led me to amazing teachers who continue to be a part of my own journey of victory. I use these learnings to get to the heart of the problem. Though my true learning has been from the “University of Life”. Anthony Robbins, Brian Tracey, T. Harv Eker, Jack Canfield, Louise L Hay, Les Brown, Joel Engels, Vinit Bansode, Michelle Buchannan, S Radhakrishnan have mentored me to be where I am, today.

My one burning desire is to Empower You.

I am a passionate humanist, spiritual, avid reader and writer, musically inclined towards jazz and the blues, fitness enthusiast and cat lover.

I firmly believe that no matter what your dreams or obstacles, you have the power to transform your life and change the world, one victory at a time.

How Can I help?

There is so much knowledge and information in the world, yet no one teaches you the most important things, like how to keep a promise to yourself and how to deal with a personal crisis, or how to fall in love or even what love is. There is no deep education on how to live and express your true self, and my role is to help you see the mirror and look for the beauty rather than the flaws.

My purpose in life is to help you to be that unbeatable force to achieve your highest level of potential. I am here to facilitate that leap, whether you are looking to make a big change in your personal life or are looking to set up or grow or your business, exponentially.

My commitment is to bring you the best of my experience and learning, and keep it real and candid. At times, I may not have all the answers. What I do have is an unshakeable devotion to empower you to live a life that is meaningful and expansive.

My approach is integrative and collaborative. I provide workable solutions that are simple and easy to use in everyday life. Because I work with you, alongside you.

It could be a simple tweak in your handwriting. Or a new line of thinking. Or a trigger word that uplifts your morale.

No changing names or wearing expensive precious stones, unless the need is dire.

I believe that if you have the power to create your unhappiness, then you also have the power to gain victory over it and create joy in your life.

If you have read this far, thank you. I hope this is just the beginning of our relationship. The best way to stay connected is to make sure you become a part of the Farzana Suri Victory Circle.

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit me. I am delighted that we are connected.

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