Numerology Counselling

Very often, life hits a ball that you may find hard to deflect.

Your birth numbers have meaning beyond mathematics. Each number symbolizes a specific energy that exudes your behaviour and personality. Through Numerology, a 4500-year-old science, I help you decode the numbers and letters of your birth, to reveal your soul’s blueprint and superimpose counselling techniques for happiness and prosperity. I leverage this resource and use counselling techniques to propel you towards your potential.

Whether you are going through a job loss, a relationship break-up, financial issues in your business, life-changing decisions on your career path, troubled partners or low confidence and fear that bother you; I am devoted to helping you overcome them and ACT on fulfilling your goals.

If you are looking to name your brand or company, I can help you with a name that works in alignment with your numbers so it is in harmony with your goal.

My role is to transform challenges into blessings, burn through blockages and design your life with purpose. To maximize your chances of victory so you can not only make your life script victorious but be that guiding light which inspires others around you – to Victory!


The sessions are 1:1 and conducted over phone or via a video call. (Currently, all in-person meetings are discontinued due to the pandemic)

Confidentiality is key in all coaching programs.

I have served over 6000 Clients include entrepreneurs, senior corporate executives, individuals, students, sports and media personalities, professionals and homemakers across 19 countries.

My approach is integrative and collaborative. The solutions are simple and easy to use in everyday life. They go beyond a name change or wearing stones. My suggestions could be a simple tweak in your handwriting. Or working on your belief system for a new way of thinking. Or a trigger word that uplifts your morale and makes you feel unconquerable.

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