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Today’s world requires the ability to adapt and thrive despite the challenges that occur.

My role is to help you understand how to create the building blocks of resilience so you can bounce back from setbacks, maximize opportunities, develop the thinking style research proves helps you succeed under pressure to find your joy and maintain a positive perspective and navigate disappointments in a way that makes you better, not bitter.

I use the power of coaching with the science of Numerology to make the mental shifts required to sustain change and achieve personal and professional transformation. As a Victory Coach, I empower you to conquer the disempowering emotions of fear, self – judgment, insecurity and frustration and morph it into your strengths to propel you towards progress and happiness. The science of numbers guides me in seeing the canvas from a zoom-out mode and the application of NLP and life-coaching techniques enable me to inspire you with the I-can-do-it-and-win spirit.

If you want to improve your personal OR business life OR take complete control of every aspect of your life OR live a life of happiness, passion and fulfilment OR you just want to be, do and have more – then, personal coaching is what you need.

I provide four types of Coaching programmes, so take a look and see if one of these options sounds right for you.

Discovery Session This is a 60 minutes session where ONE session provides you an overall view of life to coach you in areas which require transformation and enhancement
Clarity Programme This life strategy program includes 6 x 60 minutes coaching sessions to be completed within 6-8 weeks. The focus is on vision creation, goal setting and performance strategy to enable you to take charge of any aspect of your life – personal or professional where you desire to claim victory over.
Transformation Programme It involves 12 coaching sessions for 6-7 months to channelize your life and support you in your goal. It is NOT about ‘fixing’ – you are creative, resourceful and have the answers. I enable you to makine conscious, intentional choices that are empowering.Whether you want to quit your job to start your new business or you want to see a project come to life or work on your personal development or mend and transform a relationship challenge.
360 Degree Programme This programme has a commitment of 12 months with 18 coaching sessions that involve goal-setting, personalised strategy, step-by-step tracking and correction, handholding and collaboration along the way empower, recalibrate and reinvent any aspect of your personal or professional life.

The sessions are 1:1 and conducted either in person, by phone, or via FaceTime and Skype.

Confidentiality is key in all my coaching programmes.

My clients include entrepreneurs, individuals, students, sports and media personalities, professionals and homemakers across 15 countries.

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