When I adopted, Wriggley or W, his round green eyes with two black teardrops had me fall head over heels. However, unlike other playful kittens, he had an air that spelt wisdom. Living with him has been a revelation. There are a zillion things, this bundle of fur has taught me. Some have been entrenched in my mind and others lay deep, to warm the cockles of my heart.


  1.   Be independent.

W taught me that there is strength in being alone if you notice the freedom, it provided. Use your aloneness as a sign of empowerment and revel in it.

  1.   Go with the flow.

W is in no rush to get things done. He can eat, sleep and groom no matter what’s going around. Stop worrying about the past or the future. Be in the now, for that is where joy resides.

  1.   Don’t aim to please.

Try getting W to do as you command and tell me if you succeed. W taught me to be empowered; to say ‘no’ when I really didn’t want to do the things forced down on me. I learnt to stop being a people pleaser and that it is okay to pursue my happiness.

  1.   Set your sights high.

W has the ability to reach places that are impossibly high. He takes a good look at where he wants to go, evaluates the distance, jumps, and lands. He makes it seem so effortless that I wonder if he could have gone higher. So, aim high and you may surprise yourself. In case, you miss you’ll still land on your feet.

  1.   Don’t accept ‘no’.

Trying telling, ‘no’ to W! He brought me a dead cockroach, once as prize. Each time, I screamed and threw it away, in disgust. He was disappointed yet undeterred. He ran and brought it right back, again! No matter how many times people dissuade you, go forth and do what you desire.

  1.   Be curious.

Always, keep seeking. His inquisitiveness, is admirable. There is fear yet his curiosity gets the better of him – to find that magical unicorn! Go ahead and explore.

  1. It’s ok to fail.

I’ve watched W failing at grabbing that fly or chasing a ball, skidding and getting back up to try it again with his feistiness. I cherish this ability in W to embrace failure.

Owning a cat has been the most rewarding experience of my life. Wriggley has changed my world.

Pause and make notes. These felines can give a masterclass on life and business to the world.

Be cool. Be classy. Be victorious.

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