I never thought, I’d ever stay in any place but Colaba one of the Mumbai’s posh areas on the waterfront.

Colaba holds all the beautiful memories of people who made my life wonderful.

My family, neighbours, schoolmates, teachers, street vendors, friends, my first foray into work, job transformations, romantic escapades, the heartbreaks, and a zillion people etched in the recesses of my backstory.

When I moved to Bandra, a suburb an hour away it was hard, very hard. The suburbs seem crowded for people who wanted to get away from the South. The commute, long and scary. I remember, I’d catch the 8.27 am Bandra local with excitement in my 4″ heels toting my handbag and gym bag, leaving my co-passengers in wonder at how I’ll climb the platform steps!

Then I bought my very first four-wheeler.

Learning to drive in your 30s can be challenging and I drove like a truckdriver, to quote my brother

I loved Bandra, its warmth, the churches, the quaint streets and the incredible love of Mrs. D and her SOS. I recall, I had to keep calling my real estate agent each time for almost 2 weeks to figure out the street I lived in – I invariably forgot the directions to my house!

Then in 2009, I muscled the courage to buy my own apartment in #Andheri. With barely enough for a down payment.

A home is a dream, every Mumbaikar wants coming true.

I’ve had angels hovering over me all my life and this is to acknowledge each of them.

Vinod Nair, my boss – for nagging me into investing in one. Chetan Batra – the man who sold me the beautiful place I live in and helped me each step of the way. Wriggley, my cat – his entry into my life has changed my world. Parijat, the love of my life – for the love you infuse in the walls I now call home. My wonderful family – always around, cheerleading my every move and they have got my back and how

This is a huge, huge, thank you to my home and all those who walk in to it bringing in their love

It’s been 12 years of love, kindness, heartaches, joys and a celebration of victories!! I love Andheri and the vibrant energy, my home has to offer!! Yes, traveling can be a tad challenging, but that’s the case with New York, too

With the lockdown my home has been my beautiful haven, a sanctuary and I am delighted to share that no bank owns my home, now!

Victory is in my hands.

Be blessed. Be classy. Be free. Be victorious.

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