I have thought of suicide on not one but a few occasions.

Once when I was 10, I had a fight with my mother and not knowing how to make her ‘love’ me, I decided to eat an entire pack of her diabetes tablet strip. Yes, it’s true. I thought I’d die and everyone will then realise how important I am to their life.


Needless to say, I only felt weak and dizzy and happened to mention it to an Uncle in my building. He forced me to consume 2 bottles of water, treated me with an ice-cream and explained to me how precious life is and how my parents are doing their best.

Years later, a failing marriage prompted me to end my life. I was sitting in the church seeking answers with my 8-month-old and wondering what could I do to relieve myself and my angel of the misery we were going through.

A priest saw me cry. he placed his hand on my head and said, ‘You are the most precious being, my child and He loves you. There’s strength in you, that you haven’t even explored. Stand up and embrace it, wage a war to win it. You’re tooo precious to let it all go to naught.”

I walked home with his words ringing in my ears.

Some people cross your path and do change your whole direction.

Running away, escaping life is never the answer to our problems. Looking them straight in the eye, acknowledging their existence and seeking support can help in many ways. There is ALWAYS a way out even if you think you are at the end of the tunnel. All you need is a tiny hole from where hope springs.

And, support will come to change the way you see life and live life. Thank you to those who have been pillars of strength whom I lean on.

Victory is in your hands.

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Be cool. Be classy. Be victorious.

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