His mother beat him up at the slightest transgression. “You need to shut all windows before you leave home” was her instruction. If he forgot or decided to be lazy one day, he had to embrace the cudgel. When his friends asked him, “What happened?” his response was, “It’s okay, I’m fine.”

She didn’t get along with her mother-in-law from the time she was married. Everyday seemed a challenge to go through. But, she remained where she was. Sometimes, the situation escalated to levels of pure hate or sheer torture and when her parents enquired, her reply, “It’s okay, I’m fine.”

Have you found yourself using these words? I’m guilty. I’ve acknowledged using these words for several precious years of my life. Using it carelessly to protect myself. To shield yourself from the pain of explaining your feelings. To stay within the comfort of the victim you choose to see yourself. To accept things as they are.

STOP SAYING, IT’s OKAY. IT’S FINE. When your world is near collapse. Or even if it isn’t. Because it will, one day, when the mountain of ‘I’m okay, I’m fine’ will suffocate you and your life.

Do Something. Break the impasse. Only you can do it.

Hate your job? Frustrated by your boss? Unhappy in your relationship? Fear the fate of your children’s substance abuse? DO SOMETHING. Don’t tell yourself the lie that things are okay.

You, and you alone can do it. STOP SETTLING. For pain, hurt, frustration, a mediocre life. You are born to be great because you are unique. You were the sperm that survived the race towards life. Keep racing forward. You were a winner. You ARE a winner. Think about it. Stop ‘accepting’ this untruth you’ve been believing.

Take charge of where you would like to be. Your decisions decide your joy. If you choose pain, you keep receiving pain. If you choose joy, trust me, it’ll follow you like a loving pet.

No one, I repeat no one, can create unhappiness – no boss, job, spouse, child, finance, relationships. You decide it has the power to kill it for you.

Look around you. You have all the ingredients of success. A body, a strong mind and a few loved ones. That’s ALL you need.

Don’t be kicked around, be the kickass being you are!

So, how are you? Hmmm…I’m FANTASTIC and I know it!  I’m NOT okay or willing to settle for fine.

Love and joy to you for a spectacular life and thank you for travelling with me here.

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