New Year’s Eve And The Pressure To Perform

New Year’s Eve and the pressure it puts you through can be devastating for those single. The need to be with someone special. The need to spend more, to look your best. The horrendous battling through the traffic. I’ve penned 8 ways to spend it solo based on my personal experience.

In a day, New Year’s Eve arrives. 31st Dec, the most exciting date and the most anxiety-ridden date for many. Especially, if you’re single or an introvert. The pressure to perform and have a night that’s ‘mind-blowing’ is all too pervasive, what with social media updates and posts and the proverbial question that pops up, “What are you doing on 31st?”

Peer pressure takes on magnified proportions when all you hear is where people are going, what they are wearing, how much they are spending and what an awesome night, it’s going to be. The binge-partying, the drinking and getting sloshed, the merriment and FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).

Honestly, to me, it’s the worse night for a party. I’ve been and heard stories of people celebrating it in their cars, en route to the hippest party due to traffic, which is abominable on this night. Every restaurant, the hotel is over-priced. Unlike other parties, where you can slink off with the excuse to ‘feed your cat’, you can’t do it on this night lest you be labelled a wet blanket.

I dreaded 31st night parties for many years. Yes, I was single for the longest time. It felt horrible to go to a party without a date. So, to make my evening exciting, I’d succumb to the pressure of blind dates by close friends, which were a disaster! Or hang out with people I didn’t care much about, which was worse, it was boring!

Till, finally I decided to get myself out of the race and frenzy of ‘having a fun night’ and being uber- cool. I resolved to zag while everyone zigged. I chose to spend it with the most important person in this world and that is ME and I stayed at home. Without feeling sorry for myself. And, I enjoyed every bit of it. I didn’t have to pay expensive covers for crappy the food or spurious drinks, no awkward midnight kisses, no risking the traffic chaos and no stress of forced conversations. When you’re alone, there’s nobody stopping you if you want to crash early.

So, here’s what I did and you could, too:

  1. Indulge in a home foot spa routine.

Put on your favourite face mask, paint your nails, soak your feet in a bubbly, bucket bath, massage your head. Indulge in a spa replete with aromatic candles, listening to the soothing melody from Ibrahim Maalouf’s saxophone and a racy, lightly spicy, Chilean Unduragga red wine.

  1. Order a takeaway of Soul Food or any exotic fare.

Indulge by ordering what feeds your soul; A Tuscany pasta or chicken cafreal or mushroom stroganoff or your favourite biryani with sides. Splurge on your favourite dessert, it’s the end of the year. Bid it, sweet goodbye.

  1. Make a gratitude list.

Buy yourself a Gratitude Journal. Look back at the year and put down 10 things, 10 people, 10 situations that you are grateful for. It doesn’t matter how big or small they are. Put it down. 10 things about you that you love. 10 things people love about you. Be grateful for it all.

  1. Don’t make resolutions.

Put down your goals for the next year, instead. Enter the new year with the determination of wanting to achieve more and do better. What would you like to accomplish in the coming year that can improve your personal life, your career and your relationship? Put down your top 3 goals for each. Write down what is the first step you can take to make it happen. Mention a deadline. Add the name of a friend who can be your Accountability Buddy and help you through the process.

  1. Online Shopping.

Reward yourself with something that you’d like to use to improve your life. Buy an online course in digital marketing if that’s what will add value to your career. Gift yourself a swimsuit if swimming is on your bucket list. Anything that demonstrates a step towards growth.

  1. Paying it forward.

Prepare a bag containing a pack of biscuits, fruit and snacks and hand it over to street kids in your neighbourhood. It’s a soul-satisfying.

  1. TV Binge-watching.

Watch a mini-series or your favourite movie, something uplifting or thrilling with your pet cuddled on your lap.

  1. Decluttering.

You have ample time on your hands, to declutter your wardrobe, kitchen cabinets, shoe closets and make-up items. You’ll feel lighter, emotionally and happier throwing stuff you don’t need or giving items of use to those who need it more. And, make space for new.

Go on, flex your right to do whatever you wish to do. Brace yourself for some who may look at you, weirdly, the next day. However, many may admire your boldness to choose solitude and have the strength to do what you please despite the societal pressure.

Wish you a thankful 2019 and a fabulous 2020!



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